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Welcome...The purpose of this website is to share current flow levels at diversions in Teton Valley, ID/WY. Local water users can use this website to monitor flows at, or near, their diversion. The flow measurements will be updated weekly. An aerial photo/map of each creek, including all existing staff gages and diversions, can be accessed from the links located in the left column of this website.

Complete the following steps to access current flow levels at a particular location:

1) Choose a creek from left-hand navigation bar.

2) Locate your diversion

3) Click on "current flows" link

4) Click on the diversion that you're interested in

Discharge measurements displayed on this website are preliminaryPersons using information from this site for official purposes, or other purposes, for which accuracy and completeness are required, are hereby notified they should first verify the information by contacting Tony Olenichak, Water District #1 Program Manager, at (208)-525-7171 or via email tony.olenichak@idwr.idaho.gov .

Teton Valley, ID/WY

Teton Valley

This map encompasses the Upper Teton River including all of it tributaries. All of the water diversions in The Teton Valley are marked as green dots.

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